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  • 4 Advantages Of Solid Hardwood Flooring Vs. Imitation Porcelain Planks

    If you are in the process of picking out new flooring for your home, you likely have your work cut out for you. There are a wide variety of different flooring options out there for you to choose from, but easily one of the most popular choices among homeowners all over the country would have to be hardwood flooring. …

  • Tips On Making Flooring Decisions In Atlanta

    Whether you are trying to transform your Atlanta home with a remodel or are building an addition to your home, you are very likely going to make decisions about new flooring. In fact, your entire home improvement project could involve installing new flooring in every room. …

  • 3 Things You Should Know Before Your Floor Refinishing Project

    It is true that being an Atlanta homeowner comes with great responsibilities. It can seem like your to-do task list is never ending, including the need to address your floor refinishing. The good news is that a good number of the tasks that you have to take care of are ones that will be taken care of by professionals. …

  • Is Vinyl Composite Tile Right For You?

    If you're looking for a more affordable alternative to ceramic tile flooring that still has all the benefits of the great appearance of tile, our Atlanta flooring company recommends vinyl composite tile (VCT).…

  • Various Flooring Options For Your Atlanta Floors

    Laminate flooring is one particular aspect of any type of remodeling that is an inexpensive way to update a home. Depending on what type of flooring is chosen, they can be cost-effective. New floors can be found in many types…

  • FAQs About Hardwood Refinishing

    One of the most important bits of advice we can give you about hardwood floor refinishing is that the floor will never look like a brand-new floor. With age, the hardwood itself ages. Not every ding or scratch will be removed. But the good news is, that your refinished hardwood floor will look more beautiful than ever before because of this. Just as wine is better after time, so are hardwood floors...

  • Hardwood Flooring Essentials: What You Need To Know

    Nothing creates a beautiful room environment quite like hardwood floors. Hardwood has a distinctive, natural look that is unsurpassed anywhere in the industry. Before making the investment, it's wise to do a little research and find out all you can about wood flooring.

  • Tips for Keeping Your Hardwood Floors Looking Great

    When you have a hardwood floor, you have a durable flooring option that lasts a long time. As one of the first flooring types ever used, hardwoods have a classic look and feel that bring warmth to a space as well as a luxurious feeling under the feet.

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