Tips On Choosing New Flooring For Your Home

Tips On Choosing New Flooring For Your Home

Are you looking for tips on choosing new flooring for your home? While you could take the easy route and replace the old, worn-out floors with the same type of material, this would be an excellent opportunity to choose something new.

Many homeowners like to update one room at a time, but replacing all the floors at the same time is also pretty standard. Whether you plan a whole-house remodel or are just updating in one room your home, you’ll want to make a wise decision about the flooring.

You’ll undoubtedly have many different styles of tiles, carpets, and other materials to choose from, but let’s go over a few tips on choosing between two of the most common types found in homes; hardwood and wood laminate.

Are Hardwood Floors Right For You?

As a flooring company, we know this can be a difficult decision to make. Be careful when choosing hardwood floors if you’re updating one room in your home at a time, or else you could wind up with a mismatched look. It can be challenging to find the same product with the same stained finish.

If you’re redoing every room, hardwood flooring is a worthy investment because you get a uniform look throughout the house.

Hardwood is always going to be the first choice for many homeowners. However, because of the solid planks of real wood, it’s not within everyone’s budget range.

Environmentally-Friendly Wood Floors

A real wood floor is the best choice if you want an environmentally-friendly material. While wood laminate has 3 to 5 layers of hardwood that are laminated together, solid wood floors are one piece of thick wood, an all-natural product.

One of the most popular options in environmentally-friendly wood floors is the distinctive bamboo. Bamboo grows fast and is easily farmed and harvested. It’s simply gorgeous, and the sturdiness of the material means it will last and last.

Another "green" flooring option is cork. Cork floors are very comfortable to stand on, which would help to keep you relaxed while you cook or spend time cleaning up the kitchen.

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