Is Hardwood Flooring Right for Your Atlanta Home?

Is Hardwood Flooring Right for Your Home

Thinking about getting hardwood flooring installed in your Atlanta home? You might want to take a moment and think about the possible downsides that hardwood flooring can present. While you can certainly expect some great draws in hardwood flooring, you can also expect as many drawbacks.

To avoid a very costly headache, check out the pros and cons of hardwood flooring. If the cons aren't a problem for you or if the pros outweigh the cons enough to render them a non-problem, then be sure to call 1st Quality Floors to handle your hardwood flooring needs!

Hardwood Flooring - Pros

* Though susceptible to damages, repairs can be quick and easy

* Hardwood can add tons of extra value to your home

* Hardwood is one of the longest-lasting flooring options around

Hardwood Flooring - Cons

* The cost of purchase and installation can be very high

* You have to get it refinished regularly -- meaning more cost

* Easily damaged, as hardwood is susceptible to scratches and water damage

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