Tips On Making Flooring Decisions In Atlanta

Floor decision tips in Atlanta GA

Whether you are trying to transform your Atlanta home with a remodel or are building an addition to your home, you are very likely going to make decisions about new flooring. In fact, your entire home improvement project could involve installing new flooring in every room.

Even though it's abundantly easier to simply replace worn floors with a new version of a similar type (like carpeting), it would be well worth the time and bother to consider installing something new. An alternative flooring type could be just what you need. Here are a few tips to help you make new flooring decisions.

Laminate, Linoleum, & Vinyl Flooring Options

If you are thinking about affordability and easy care, consider the following flooring options presented by our team of professionals:

Laminate flooring may be an excellent alternative flooring in households with kids and pets. It is very easy to care for and is incredibly well-liked because of its ability to appear like natural flooring materials of all types. The melamine coating makes it water resistant and scratch-resistant. You’ll be able to select a style and texture out of a large variety of laminate ranges. This flooring replacement option is fast and straightforward to install.

Linoleum and vinyl are a very good flooring choice where there may be water spills or leaks. This is a water-resistant flooring type that is easy to wash and maintain. You'll be able to select from a large array of colors, textures, and styles. Linoleum and sheet vinyl are created in styles that look like costlier natural materials such as wood or stone. They are the economical choice.

Replace the carpeting - Carpets are a standard flooring choice because they work in most rooms of a house. But it would not be the right choice in some rooms such as the kitchen, laundry space, and bathrooms because of the dangers of a plumbing leak. In most rooms, there's a more sensible floor covering possibility in laminate that may better fit the bill.

Hardwood Flooring Options

Hardwood and designed Wood flooring are very well-liked materials. Hardwood is created of solid planks of wood. When they are coated with a protecting sealant, they keep well for years.

Engineered wood flooring is created by gluing 3 to 5 layers of hardwood together and laminating them. But if you are environmentally aware, you need to think about distinctive bamboo. Bamboo makes a beautiful, antique hardwood. You’ll be stunned by the sturdiness and look of beautiful, natural bamboo floors.

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