A Professional Marietta Flooring Company

Marietta Flooring Company

No matter your flooring choices for your Marietta, GA home or business, you'll want a company to serve all your flooring needs. At 1st Quality Floors located in nearby Sandy Springs, our experts can help you from start to finish with full service for your flooring.

Our expert flooring company can even give you some ideas in design for a custom look. Take a wood floor for instance. A beautiful border pattern will really set off an area you'd like to highlight. For instance, in the formal dining area, we can mix a variety of stains or wood types to create a gorgeous border or pattern for the table and chairs to center on. This is a great idea for a custom look without the use of an area rug. Whatever you can imagine for your Marietta Flooring Company is just one phone call away!

Hardwood Flooring in Marietta

There's nothing like a hardwood floor for your Marietta home or business. Real hardwoods can never be truly replaced by materials that resemble real wood. While other choices may give you better options for replacement or repairs, real hardwood flooring is worth the extra costs and trouble to repair or restore.

At 1st Quality Floors, we can install any type of Marietta Hardwood Flooring you want. Let our experts show you your options and you're sure to find a gorgeous hardwood for your space!

Floor Refinishing in Marietta

If your hardwood floor is damaged with scratches or gouges, you do not have to despair because these issues can be fixed by our hardwood flooring repair and refinishing experts.

We have the experience needed to handle your floor’s restoration and restore it to it's original beauty again. Our experienced Marietta Floor Refinishing can breath new life into your old floor while leaving it's uniqueness in tact.

Cork Flooring in Marietta

If you’re looking for a green option for your new flooring, consider a new cork floor! This option in quality flooring is created from the bark of trees that are easily renewable.

With cork, the trees are not killed during the harvesting of the material. This makes an incredibly small impact on our sustainable environmental resources. It's truly a great option when you're looking for eco-friendly flooring sources!

VCT or LVT Flooring in Marietta

Luxury vinyl and vinyl composite flooring are two of the most common choices available on the market. Your new VCT or LVT flooring will be manufactured to the highest of standards with our quality flooring options here at 1st Quality Floors. Upgrades with this flooring option will give you the added advantage of having an easy to clean floor requiring little maintenance.

This low-maintenance, easy to clean alternative can be cleaned with sweeping or a simple mopping, which means you can restore the look and appeal of this flooring with very little effort.

Marietta, GA

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